Googling Serenity

I’ve been searching for peace, for serenity—no, really. On Google Images. All I’ve found is emptiness.

Finding peace in stillness and quiet is no feat. Few people wouldn’t find serenity in a full moon over water.

The pursuit of serenity is necessary in place, not out of it. If you live among fighting parents, arguing children, neighborhood decay, threat of violence and death, pressures of modern life and paying for a modern life, or scraping by on what you can grow and kill…find serenity there. You can step out of these situations only so long before they find you once more.

Serenity is not courage, though courage can sometimes be found nearby. The evasive sense of balance is too precarious to hold serenity. There is no yoga pose to impart serenity in moments of chaos, more than likely you’ll be bowled over anyhow. It isn’t in a drink or drug; you will not find it in convenient supplement form or in the food you eat.

Serenity is knowing and living your values. When your behavior is at odds with your beliefs serenity is nowhere, not even in the wash of frogs and crickets that colors evening’s darkness.

Don’t get started on peace; I don’t know peace yet.

©2012 Sandra Davidson


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