Poetry is…

I listen to a lot of NPR on errands in the car. Thursday nights at 8 is Philosophy Talk. Because it’s National Poetry Month, the topic was poetry and philosophy, and I caught most of the show.

I have journaled most of my life, and my life hasn’t been rosy or well-lit at times. Digging through an old journal file I found my opinion (whose else would I find?) on poetry and philosophy from a letter written to my brother:

Someone asked me what poetry had to do with philosophy. Poetry=personal philosophy, doesn’t it? It is a sorting through…or it is for me. It is the darkness of our lives and minds that we choose to illuminate instead of ignore.

I wish I could say something of significance, something more.

©2006 Sandra Davidson

3 responses to “Poetry is…

    • There is. I have been told even my playful poems are serious. My life knows more light now, and that is a blessing, a new perspective from which to write poetry.

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