We Earth-Bound Pilots

Will it ever end? « atwistedwritersmind.

Depression is pervasive and I don’t need to tell those who experience it. Either you have, or you haven’t. Either you do, or you don’t.

In response to atwistedwritersmind:

I want to hope it never ends, the beautiful parts of life. I realize you’re struggling to maintain course. Please allow me share a parable that has helped me when I’m trying to white-knuckle life.

You are the pilot of your life. As with all pilots, you set your destination and, through many tiny course corrections, you will reach it.

Those little corrections in course paradoxically seem to knock us farther off course. In the long run, you’ll get there. And may I recommend, earth-bound pilot, looking up. In the course of your day, look upward. There is so little and so much going on up there.

©2012 Sandra Davisdon

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