How to Melt Your Love

I melted my husband today.

I have a near migraine. He went to the home improvement store about 15 miles from here. One of the items to pick up was a tiny bulb for a flashlight; he couldn’t read the tiny text for voltage and called. I didn’t answer (had gone to rest hoping to rid myself of the headache, fell asleep, heard no phone). He called to say someone there had been able to read it (worry in his voice). Then he called my cell, which was in my office and I had no hope of hearing it ring.

He thought he’d left the gate open and the dogs got out; he thought I was weeding. You know he thought worse. He came straight home as fast as he dared to melt when he saw me asleep.

It really comes home how much you love someone and how much they love you when you think for a moment they might not be a part of your day, life. In his words, “When I saw you there safe, asleep, my heart melted.”

What say you?

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