Kinetic Arts

I have been absent, I know; I will not speak to that.

Last night and this morning I began exploring artists from other countries and time periods, methods and media. Several of the sites were not in English and did not need to be for, as you know, art and music transcend barriers.

What we have is a privilege of connecting around the world to  intuition, to inspiration.

Milan Dobeš Museum in Bratislava Slovakia has a video on its homepage, the music of which is transcendent and the images captivating. I suppose that makes museum curators not just students of art but artists as well.

May this find you well and deep in revelation.

©2013 Sandra Davidson

2 responses to “Kinetic Arts

  1. I need to learn this; short and sweet.

    I had worried about you for a little while and alast.

    I love foreign art, in fact, I just love art. Not so much music as I love lyrics and to love them you have to be able to understand them, unless the music doesn’t have lyrics……….never mind. I’m a produce of the publik school sistem, which means I barely speak good english. <<<that was a joke, but just barely.

    Sorry Ms.Sandra, I know you wanted highbow comments, but I don't know any.

    Glad you're back.

    • I don’t care about brows. And I enjoy any comments, even the challenging ones. Keep your ears open. There’s so much to life to which we are deaf.

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