From Pedestrian to Riches

Some may have seen Facebook® posts stating my confustication when others say they read in the bathroom. The only time I’m in there long enough to read anything is when I’m in a bubble bath. To heck with reading in a bubble bath!

To my delight, those who do read in the loo have encouraged a book series entitled, “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader.” Each book has some witty title that clues you into a loose theme (I’m not apologizing for any puns—they started it). The series is celebrating its 25 year. At this point, I believe we have every book in the series and they are stored in the guest room.

My husband has been rereading some when he comes to bed too tired to dig into a National Geographic, Smithsonian or other demanding material. He hmms, shakes his head, snorts, outright laughs; I pointedly look his direction and he cues up his reading voice by finishing any Jelly Belly® jelly beans in his mouth.

Each volume has a bit of unrelated text in the footer area of each page. These are delightful.

The most recent footer, I’m in love with it:
Why did French women wear high heels in the 1600s? To show they were too rich to walk.

Hows about that for a little history? Heels are one of my peeves due to the permanent damage done to the many and delicate bones of the foot.

Heels two inches and more: try to limit to three days a week and as few hours at a time as you can (take them off at your desk, bring along cross trainers when you realize you’ll be climbing and descending staircases and walking for exercise). Two inches and less are everyday dress and are still sexy. (I’d never pay more than $150 for a pair of shoes and they’d better dance for me too.)

©2013 Sandra Davidson

Jimmy Choo heels, Cosmic in Navy

Six inches and more? Really, Jimmy, you should wear these ten hours every day.

2 responses to “From Pedestrian to Riches

  1. “My husband has been rereading some when he comes to bed too tired to dig into a National Geographic, Smithsonian or other demanding material.” Seriously? I always thought those magazines were for thumping through when you have no choice whilst stuck in some kinda waiting situation. Just kidding, I love those as well. I can remember when I was married–the best part of my night was when my wife and I would climb into/in to bed and read for awhile.

    To show they were to rich to walk. I love that. I wonder what those hooped dresses showed/shown. **Trying to learn to write without Whitesmoke**

    • Seriously good question, T. What’s your guess?

      Me? I think:
      Hoops hid flaws of hipped women who likely were also guilty of thick ankles. The swooshy sound probably covered the thigh-on-thigh rub of skin. And we must remember the cinched whalebone-corsets; these precursors to Barbie(R) were sure to help your internal organs and an onlooker’s eye deny the laws of mass.

      That you also enjoyed the private honor of reading in bed beside another…ah, the dead-tree versions of books and magazines still have so much to give.

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