Last week…

Last week…

I donated an organ to surgery.

Neither it or I had any reservations; a mutual parting. My gall bladder has been hammering me in the back for about a year and a half, though I didn’t know the culprit until a recent ultrasound.

Parting ways without sorrow, though it increases my sense of “Frankenstein’s Monster” syndrome.

In the meantime, my computer has deserted me as well. This time I lost data, not just settings and a few program preferences. A complete install of every piece of software and hardware—more than once—has left me knocking wood against my head. I hope that’s how one should ‘knock on wood’.

2 responses to “Last week…

  1. LOL!! I don’t know rather I should like this or not; though I do like the verse. I’m glad you got that taken care of and hopefully life will be better. And I’ll follow your example and have my “wisdom” teeth taken care. Oh God!! I would rather scale Half Dome (the uncivilized part) than to sit in a dentist chair, but I will be brave.

    Nice Ms. Sandra, you are the best and with few words.

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