Prepopulation Control

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We can sustain humans in anti-gravity, in a space station overlooking all of Earth, 230 miles above a seemingly peaceful and colorful world.

Today we have a volunteer process of donating organs that makes ghastly the turn of the 19th century exhumation practice of freshly buried remains for research and teaching.

In a clinical setting, we can collect data from human cells reacting to any number of threat and remedy the living can apply.

Our own beings, seen as lesser in myriad ways, have benefited and been poisoned without their knowledge and then also without their permission.

We have used lesser creatures, non-beings, to test every cause from here to vanity.

Still, we want our paté plentiful. We demand our beef tender, our milk in variety and quantity, our butter in any form—including test-tube varieties. Pork products shall be juicy and laden with plentiful, well-marbled bacon. Chicken had better come cheap and eggs always on the shelves. “There’s always more fish in the sea,” right? Why not farm it like everything else?

Speaking to farming ways, there was a blemish on that apple and oranges are too difficult to peel. Can’t they do something about that? How big does a turnip get, “If you cut it down, you may never know….”* Cheese and nut butters used to be a food commodity for the poor. The poorest life ever seen is in all the world is the now the soil.

They’ve been poisoning the corn? Since when? That long. Wow. Fowl, bovine, porcine—as well as fresh and salt water food sources—have come down to a reasonable price, don’t you think? Still I wonder how all the diseases are exponentially rising. Hormones! Caged? In their own filth without fresh air or fresh water? Antibiotics! Cannibalistic? They feed these creatures their own kind?

And I saw the most heartwarming video today. Eight, five-year-old Beagles used for research—known only by the number tattooed in each dog’s ear—they were so hesitant to leave the only space they knew, those crates, and I cried, just cried to know they had never known the touch of grass or sunshine. Don’t miss it. Here you go.



©2014—Sandra R. Davidson
*Credit to Disney’s Pocahontas song for this bit.
This is not to discourage any person or group for improving and combating injustices, however small or large. Every positive molecule we can release into this atmosphere has the potential to bump into more and neutralize some negative ones. 


One response to “Prepopulation Control

  1. You need to hold class. You can paint pictures and still educate. You took me from 230 miles above this colorful and seemingly peace world and landed me smack dab in the middle of the corporate farming system. Just a beautiful collection of words. And this “from here to vanity”, classic.

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