Occupational Hazards


Are you nodding…or shaking your head?

I worked for a number of years in the restaurant as well as retail grocery and non-grocery . I came away with some habits that might qualify me as obsessive-compulsive.

  • Clean out and wash down the refrigerator before each shopping trip.
  • Freezer sorting might be done less frequently and just as thoroughly.
  • At each shopping return trip, rotate supplies by the expiry date, freshest at the back. All bulk goods are divided and surplus stored in bug-proof and, when practical, by air-tight means (gotta love our food sealer)
  • Clear out all cupboard contents about every three months. Wash the walls, base, frame and doors.
  • Dust each item as you organize the area.
  • Over stock by two the paper and chemical supplies.
  • All liquid items are properly disposed of at their expiry date, which includes chemicals and first aid.
  • Unfamiliar products get one chance to make an impression.
  • Whenever possible place items on the menu that are about to expire (in retail, this would be a SALE!).

Okay, so that’s the kitchen and (the start of the) laundry room…. Are you nodding or shaking your head?


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