A is forAlways. Never. Ever. Forever. Nothing. Everything. And sometimes I and sometimes you, or even  we and they.

As soon as you hear these words, the conversation has stopped being rational. Save yourself the trouble; walk away or call for a break.

To further overuse the phrase, death is the only absolute.

Religion and politics, agree to disagree or, better yet, don’t begin those conversations. That’s my usual rule.

©2014 Sandra R. Davidson


4 responses to “Absolutes

    • It’s part of a series for April. A to Z, with each day following the letter. Sunday is excepted. I don’t particularly like writing prompts; however, I need a shove right now.

        • You are late often that I must prompt you?
          If you like, you can unofficially participate in this prompt romp. A to Z, one letter per day, except Sundays.

          Monday, today here, is F. Would love to see your work. Always makes me happy to read whether I agree or disagree, it is you, your individuality that remains companionable.

          —your humble follower

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