C is forMy belly wasn’t empty. My colon wasn’t full. Light wasn’t bright when my eyes were open and sound wasn’t noise when my eyes were closed. A heartbeat and warm touch came and went.

Next add mental, physical and visual stimulation with some emotional mimicry.

From here life becomes complex. Words. Intonation. Mixed messages. I discover security is a myth. A sense of deep comfort eludes me with the exception of moments of calm.

I hear comfortable comes again; an inner stability roots itself. The rich water of experience soaks deeply for a strong centeredness to lend choice to my perspective.

I hope this is so.

©2014 Sandra R. Davidson


2 responses to “Comfortable

  1. It’s certainly better to stay in bed some days… I can’t understand why I really do not want to go to bed at night – but then really do not want to get up in the morning. There must be some way of turning those two feelings round, but I haven’t found it yet!

    Liz – my A-Z is at (animal facts and poems, and stuff about my assistance dog.)

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