Cemeteries are for the Living

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 5 p.m.

I had volunteered last week to take a photo of a grave at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. The site presents just as its name suggests. Horses have encroached to the cemetery fence, but the view to the Columbia River is outstanding. Firs pace off the property edge, though not densely. The view of the valley opposite—gorgeous in the late autumn.

Two white benches under separate holly trees, berries dropped in the recent wind storm.

Chilled dusk in the warming car. Worth another visit.

©2012–2014 Sandra R. Davidson



One More Resource

1545182_10152191887846289_277947775_n[1]I love the idea. Memories in six dimensions and a seventh as the whole perception. The photo shown releases the child of touch, which follows only vision as my primary sense.

One needn’t bother to beach comb on the west coast; the locals are out at or before dawn pulling in the shells, and even the sea-washed glass, sold to travelers. So I leave what I find.

So I will take photos and slide them into a frame such as this instead of the objects themselves. I don’t know.

Discovery is such a finite resource.