Nice to Meet You

You know, I’m just a writer.

I’m not an author, poet, scribe.

I write. Everything. Anything. Everywhere. Anytime. I can’t stop myself.

My first book was an original, single-copy, hand-bound, large-format piece called Sandy’s First Story. No hype there. I was four. It gained a wide audience, if you call grandparents, my father, aunt and uncle a wide audience. The work was lost to time and memory until my grandmother conjured it from a dusty box in 1998. I love that woman.

Words are just letters strung together until they are put into a context. Oh my, I have context.

And here you are, wondering who else I am. You’ll find out as I do when I post my writing here. You’ll find paradoxes and contradictions. I grow, think, learn. When I stop doing that, I hope it is because I no longer have a pulse.

©2012 by Sandra Davidson


13 responses to “Nice to Meet You

  1. I love the comments I read. I don’t have a clue what the protocol is, but thank you for reading and commenting! Writer, reader, teacher and all else we are.

  2. I love your nice to meet you. Sometimes you can’t be categorised as an author or poet or journalist. Sometimes you can just say that you are a writer because you simply just write.

  3. hah I know the feeling. I’m a college student, and I do it online so I have certain deadlines and requirements to meet, I have case management and therapy appointments every week, I help take care of my four year old nephew, work on my fiction/blogs/journaling, and yet somehow I still end up insanely bored. I don’t know how I do it.

  4. Thank you for your comments on my posts; they really helped me, because I was beginning to think that no one would ever read anything I’ve written, so the fact that you offered such encouraging words really gave me some hope and inspiration.

    • I’m pleased I had some quiet time this morning to delve into your blog. It’s been on my interested list, and my to-do list is more pressing at times (I’m a household procrastinator who despises dusting). The house is asleep (shhh) for a short while so…I’m freee.

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