Belabored Day

One male, late forties. One child on the cusp of teen. One female, earlyish forties. In just that order, they walk through a small town. He sees CLOSED through the day’s reflection on a windowed storefront. The child watches the pavement pass beneath two feet and glances back. She sees the glare of midday sun that impairs her ability to read the text on the screen of her smartphone.

Lackawanna Valley Digital Archives – History of Poets

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The Lackawanna Valley Digital Archives have made available videos of a number of poets reading at the Scranton Public Library . These poets visited Scranton from the late 1970s through the 1990s and were filmed as part of the Friends of the Scranton Public Library Poetry Series. You can watch poets such as CK Williams, Belle Waring, Bruce Weigi, Elaine Terranova, Susan Stewart, Henry Taylor, Gerald Stern, Gary Snyder,William Stafford, Charles Simic, Len Roberts, Susan Ray, David Ray, Jean Pearson, Carol Oles, Naomi Shihab Nye, W.S. Merwin, Heather McHugh, William Matthews, Thomas lux, Etheridge Knight, Galway Kinnel, Paul Kelly, Collette Hiestand, Willian Heyen, Emon Greenan, Michael Heller, Robert Hass, Carolyn Forsche, Tess Gallagher, Lawerence Ferlingetti, Lynn Emanuel, W.D. Earhart, Cornilius Eady, Jim Daniels, Stephen Dunn, Robert Creeley, Gerald Constanzo, William Bonk, Robert Bly, Marvin Bell and Dennis Brutus.  If you click the link, scroll down and you will see the…

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This is the day…

I’m humming an old hymn in the kitchen.

My grandmother used to sing as she worked about the house. There were times in my life when she served as my grandmother and mother, and she sang. Words came about, or just a melody through concentrating lips.

I’m humming in my own static today. Though I follow the hours and dates from my point A to my current point on a timeline, I feel some areas of my life have stretched thin and other areas of my life have stretched long. Life isn’t linear.

In addition to my linearly calculated life, my life topography is varied, as any living place should be.

I have to admit I’m airborn, aloft of my own tension. The turbulence isn’t comfortable within twenty feet. The male dog startles when I stand and the female gives a stress yawn if I sit long. The deaf cat pats my arm with his left forepaw, standing upright with me as his brace; he’s asking me to rest a while with him.

And in the kitchen I sing, “This is the day that the Lord hath made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.” My ears hear my own voice and my heart hears my grandmother’s. I am not in a rejoicing mood. Nor am I religious.

Perhaps words set to the tune of voice were a reminder at times of duress. I am alive to sing and in some way I–Will–Be–Glad.

And this is the day, another linear and topographical view from point A.Sheet music for an old hymn my grandmother used to sing.

Versatile Bloggers Award

My first experience at blogging awards! Thanks to Cheryl Wright for the nomination. This year’s April Blogging from A to Z writing challenge is a shared experience, and it was so worth exploring the blogs of other participants (more than 2000, I believe). Her blog displays diversity from the “About Me” page through the connections Cheryl has provided. The person in personal is at the blog series’ center. Find her…everywhere! And at Plucking Of My Heartstrings.

Seven little-known facts about me:
1. Mine was not a military family; however, my parents, siblings and I moved often.
2. I was completely blonde as a child; while I retained the stick-straight hair, the blonde is now mahogany with plenty of gray.
3. My superpower is hearing a little too well, so earplugs are stocked in quantity.
4. I’ve been homeless.
5. I once ate a (beheaded) grilled trout—bones and all—much to the dismay of my paternal grandmother.
6. I grew a mango from the store-bought fruit’s seed.
7. I have milked a cow and a goat.

June 2014: Versitile Blogger Award

June 2014: Versatile Blogger Award

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Those who choose to participate:
1. If you have been nominated, create a post to thank that person. Link your post back to their blog.
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