Entitlement: Not entitled.

I read this: To the Black People Who Think White People Owe Them An Apology |.

And realized this has been on my mind for some time. (I say “this” because the situations are too complex to define here.)

I am white (and Native American, and, and…). Two of my sisters are half white, half black. Their five collective children are one quarter white, three quarters black. I love them all. This isn’t about race, I agree.

It’s about entitlement, and there are people of every race who feel entitled—including Caucasian/white. There wasn’t just one holocaust. There wasn’t just one attempt at genocide. There isn’t one race or culture war. There isn’t one imbalance of equalities. There hasn’t been just one  instance of land being claimed right out from under those who are living on it.

No one is entitled to anything. I grew up with few ‘advantages’ that other races claim white people have. I didn’t go to college because, by high school graduation at age 17, I chose to trade one set of living conditions for another (and that grass wasn’t greener either), and I felt college was out of my reach—emotionally and realistically.

Hear it clear: No matter what color you are or they are, no one is entitled to commit violence against another’s life. Yeah, you might say, “What if you’re being mugged, etc.” I’m not referring to self-defense; I’m referring to the person who first elevated their thoughts to violent action.

When you can lump a category of people together, hating is easy. What it comes down to is me as an individual and you as an individual. If I haven’t been within shouting distance, whoever you are, you have no claim to any of me or anything of mine. Neither do I have over you.

Let’s forget shouting distance. Shake my hand. Know my name. Treat me well and I will give you whatever it is that I can, even when sometimes I cannot spare it.

2 responses to “Entitlement: Not entitled.

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  2. I like what you said about hating being easy when you ‘lump a category of people together’. It’s so true – it desensitizes us from their humanity. If we treated people based on who they are and what they’ve done as an individual rather than treating people based on what every person with the same heritage as them have done, we would all be a lot better off – and the those who are doing wrong would be held accountable.

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