A New Project: Priority

I have a book titled Organize Now. (I have another titled Procrastinate No More. I can just imagine your lack of surprise, especially if you’ve ever seen my office.)

After a month, I’m still on week two that refers to discovering and ordering one’s priorities as a tool to narrow activities that aren’t in line with one’s values.

Below is my list in order of importance (some surprised me).

1: A sense of purpose that returns more than I take from this place, world, lives around me.

2: Continue to learn.

3: My husband’s and my relationship as a whole.

4: Split evenly between my husband’s and my own health.

5: Financial peace of mind.

6: Self-sufficiency/self-defense.

7: Open space; a place for the spirit and the eye to rest (sanctuary).

8: Neglect nothing.

9: Presentability (house, property, vehicles, self).

10: Sensory pleasures (beautiful quilts, art, photographs, paintings—our own and those items gifted to us).

Two items did not make the list:
* Contributing to community (lumped into #1).
* Certainty, stability, security, which do not exist.

If you’d like to follow the progress of these items versus activities (my, I have too many hobbies and interests), and next steps you can visit my website (which has links to my other accounts. http://www.srdavidson.com/ —Comments and questions welcome here, on the FaceBook or by e-mail.


2 responses to “A New Project: Priority

  1. Lovely and very healthy commitments 🙂 Ill remember these for when Im bein conscious of bein heathy 🙂

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