Triangular Vortices

Gifts in the inbox. I read The Writer’s Triangle this afternoon.

Wish I had read this article at age 17.

While hopeful writers soon enough find out this vortex for themselves, it is the same for anything one wants. When I have the money to visit my distant relatives, I haven’t the time because I’m making money (and writing).

Too, it needn’t be such a frustration or isolation, depending on which side of the equal sign you’re on at a given time. Every interaction or observation was fuel when I was working full time. I began using the park-and-ride, not because I had to. While I’m hermetic by nature and choice, I still get a numb rear end and a mind restless for input; I can satisfy my observing nature by making a trip to anywhere.

If writing is your life, life is your muse. In whichever stage you find yourself, know there is trading-off and balance-making decisions—and writing, always a scrap onto which we scribble.


What say you?

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