Bucket List or Picnic Basket?

January always brings goals setting.

A bucket list is a popular way to capture what your heart would like to experience before the end of your days. Often these fantasies are unlikely to occur, though a creative person can accept slight changes– such as location–to cross off a bucket list item.

The basket concept (http://kathyssoapbox.blogspot.com/2013/04/bucket-list-or-picnic-basket.html) includes recent, current and near-future experiences. A basket holds your past adventures, calculates changing needs, abilities and desires for a more flexible and attainable reality.

So I can’t go jogging. The experience is carefully lifted from the basket to be slotted in past memories. I can walk the dog along the riverside park pathway. Add a bit more of those trips to the mix. Find some state park events on the easy list and experience more than just camping.

Baskets. I imagine I’d have a few to keep, swap and even eliminate.

See what you think. Drag that bucket out and realize there is much practicality can transform.

(C) 2014 Sandra Davidson

What say you?

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