The Farther Star

Copyright 2013 Sandra R. Davidson

It is simple to be a bright star in a dark sky.

The rarer success is to be a bright star in a blue sky, able to withstand the nearer sun and still reach a beholder, should there be any who will lift their attention from the paths at their feet and the surround of distraction.

There then a reward to lay lightly to a touch and reveal your truth: Resourcefulness is the seed set upon the wind, freedom is offering up everything you are to the risks, and tenacity is finding purchase wherever you next set to ground.

©2013 Sandra R. Davidson—photo and text.


2 responses to “The Farther Star

  1. So few words took me on a journey of thought. You are such a talent. I seriously wanna be like you someday.

    So few words carried me inward and made think about something outside of myself. Thank you.

    • You’re generous and I’ll soak all that in because I’m really trying to remember writing is my calling. I’ve known this since age four and still I need visceral responses like yours to keep the self-doubt from devouring my creative energy.

      I see you’ve made a couple of posts. I’ve got to get ’round to them after I find these two books I’m supposed to have reviewed already for poetry month. Ack. I’m getting senile so soon. ; )

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